Evolution of the Novel – Part 6 – Lost in the Shuffle



Have you ever been inside a huge store like this and felt like overwhelmed by the selection? It’s one thing if you know exactly what you’re looking for, but if you just want to browse for something new? The selection is both the power and the drawback of the superstore. Inside this large Barnes and Noble is roughly 150,00 titles. Pretty massive right? Pretty easy to get lost in all those books. Now chew on this.

Amazon has roughly 3.2 million books on its website.

Let that sink in for a minute. I must admit, as an aspiring author that is a pretty daunting number. How in the heck am I supposed to get my work noticed in a virtual sea of titles, many from authors with a large following? Well since I asked, here is an article that gives some good ideas.

The good thing for authors is that publishing your work yourself has never been easier, the bad thing is that means the quality of stuff being published has the chance to be suspect. So how do you navigate through all of this selection and make what your reading is on par with traditionally published authors?

emily giffin amazon review cap_

The best way of course is by getting good reader reviews. Hopefully better than the one I used for the picture above! Also important for writers is to make sure they are not contributing to a lower quality of book being sold. There are no short cuts to being a successful writer. Pay an editor a get a proofreader or two. Make sure if you’re going to put your name on it that it looks no different than the book you just bought from a perennial bestseller.

Lastly, another good way to stand out from the crowd is to know where the trends are heading. Being progressive can make your work stand out and help you build a name for yourself. Ask yourself, what does the future of the novel look like?

More on that next time.


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