Evolution of the Novel – Part 7 – The Future of the Novel

This is my final chapter in my series on the evolution of the novel. So what does the future hold for traditional novel? Well, for starters, maybe not being so traditional. I wrote this blog as a series for a reason. The series seems to be very much in vogue once again. From the usual television shows that have always utilized the series format, albeit now with a ton more outlets such as Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, Hulu and more. Also one of the most popular series format was always the Comic Book.



The extreme popularity of Comic Book movies, especially from some of the these Marvel characters, has made the Comics themselves a hot commodity again. That popularity, in combination with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, have given a second life to the serial novel. In this fast paced society that we live in, serial novels may be the next big thing when it comes to authors telling their stories. Amazon has recently launched Kindle Serials that give authors an awesome place to create something new and different for readers to consume, one small chunk at a time.

Another old time format that may be making a comeback because of the digital evolution is the short story. Amazon’s Kindle Singles is a cheap and popular way for authors to tell their stories in a short form format. Many bestselling authors such as David Baldacci, Lee Child, and Nelson DeMille have used this single story format to give readers a little taste of their legendary characters in short stories between their full length releases. Baldacci even used this format as a way to combine characters from his Camel Club series with his Will Robie series. As a big fan of both, let me say that it was pretty awesome!



Of course the biggest element of the future of novels is happening today. The move to the digital format has, and will continue to change the way we consume our novels. The graphic above is from an article in The New York Times that shows new ways that publishers are trying to take advantage of new technologies when it comes to E-Books, while also preserving the things we like best about traditional books.

Now if they can just digitize that fresh print smell.


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