Writer’s Digest

This is a great site to find numerous articles helpful to any writer or aspiring writer. The site consists of many blogs designed to help writers at any level, whether a student or an author ready to be published. This is also a great site to find different types of writing contests that are a great way to get recognition or build a portfolio.


Writer’s Market

Another great site for those looking to take their writing to the next level. Writer’s Market provides advice, but most importantly a guide to literary agents and many different suggestions and tips to help a writer get published and/or market their work. This site does require a small subscription fee, however many writers, including Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, swear by the site as a necessary tool for writers looking to get published.


James Scott Bell

James Scott Bell is an accomplished author himself, but this link goes to the portion of his page that is for writers. I became familiar with his work in one of my college courses on creative writing and his books on writing are far easier to read than you could ever imagine. He has several books on writing that cover everything from Plot and Structure to Conflict and Suspense. His books are a great tool to help any aspiring fiction writer gain the knowledge and tools to write better fiction.


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